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At YNN Technology, you will get all types of industrial machinery which are used in different fields and industries for manufacturing, exporting and distributing various products. We deal with each type of machinery that is significant in global operations to increase your business scale. You will find a wide range of machines that are quite affordable in price and would help you to enhance your overall product quality.
What we offer as a Leading Industrial Machine Manufacturer
• Soap making machine
• Tire machine
• Wrapping machine
• Dry ice machine
• Food machine
• Packing machine
• Woodworking machine
With a track record of carrying out successful business with different Asian countries, we are now getting opportunities to explore global markets for supplying different kinds of technical and automatic machines to the different industries of US and European countries. We consistently get orders from USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Chile, and New Zealand.

About Us

YNNTech,is professional provider of extruding machine, industrial equipment and its parts. We have two production factories. Presently, we are mainly serving fields of steel industry, auto industry, food industry, chemical industry and etc.

We providing high quality, high-efficiency, convenient, fast and stable services to customers. we have been building good business relationship with many famous big companies from many countries in world such as: USA, Germany, United kingdom ,Korea, Japan, India, Chile, New Zealand, Malaysia etc.